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What's in a name? 5 ways our namesake is used.

Did you know the Asterisk is considered one of the oldest punctuation signs, and originated from Latin as 'asteriscus' and from greek as 'asteriskos' which means little star?

We know you might wonder how this little symbol is of so much importance, but honestly, we were surprised to learn of how many people were slain with it in many ways too.

Here are Ways the Asterisk is Used by Many:

Social Media Influencers

What is the first item you look out for when you wake up each morning? Be honest. Did you say your phone? Then this message is specially dedicated to you. The Asterisk has always been a great symbol to censor profanities. Are you sending a word, not so acceptable to your audience? Just include some asterisks. Unusually for most Millenials, the Asterisk has made conversations on social media super entertaining. So if you're angry and almost on the verge of sending insults in a DM, wait, the Asterisk has got you covered.

What's more, using an Asterisk has a cool way of expressing yourself without losing your sh*t. For example:

Let's talk about s*x baby!

Just get the f*ck off!

On Twitter, users also use asterisks around a word to indicate actions or physical movement, appearance, and more. Asterisks have made expressing yourself so easy that, if you want to give your readers a glimps into your feelings, all you have to do is to know how to use the asterisks properly. Just add asterisks around the action. For example:



This cute symbol is super cool, and Whatsapp users use it to bold texts with single asterisks like *bold*

If you're a Facebook user, you should know that double asterisks are often used to emphasize a word or a phrase like **bold**

It's easier to correct mistakes in your online texting, by merely placing an asterisk by the correct word.

Woooooow!!! We're overwhelmed already. Are you not impressed with how generous this cute symbol has been to everyone? Name another symbol that is making life as simple, just like this little Asterisk. We'll wait!! 😉

Computer Lovers and Mathematicians

In the world of computer scientists and mathematicians, the asterisk symbol is a little star that guides users to separate work code from comments. Computer scientists even use the asterisks to indicate zero, repetition, or multiplication of a particular pattern.

Maybe it's safe to award the asterisks the best multitasker of the century!!

Athletics and Fun Games

Can you guess what athletes often use the Asterisk for? Whisper your answer, let's read on to see if your guess is correct.

Well, for athletes, the Asterisk is an important symbol, because when an asterisk is attached to a sports record, the result is seen as faulty, misleading or generally indicating there is more to the story.

Here is another example of how the Asterisk has invaded sports. If you've spent any time trying to identify who the captain of a cricket team is, you know that if you can locate the name on a jersey with an asterisk attached, you've found the captain!

The Money People

Economists are not left out in the use of this unique symbol at all. When you see "p*" and "p" in an international economics document, identify "p" as the price of a local product, and "p*" as the price for a foreign product.

Do you use the asterisks in other ways in economics we forgot to mention?

The English Geniuses

When the Asterisk is used in front of a word in syntax, it simply shows that the word is ungrammatical. Linguists place an asterisk before a word to show that the word has no records of its use in English.

The days of creating boring and jammed up lists are over. Just bullet your points with some asterisks.

It's amazing how such a small symbol can be used to make life very simple and convenient in many ways. And how can we leave out this special symbol from our designs when it connects so much to our brand focus?

So hurry, sign up for an Astric membership, because, at Astric, we pay attention to what matters. And what matters most to us is YOU.

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