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Carl M

Small Business Owner, Dallas, TX

"Astric made it easy for me to get new customers in the area. The new website and marketing has kept people coming to us for pest control."

Sasha M

Recent graduate, Austin, TX

"Before Fundamentals, I was drowning in student loan debt and had no idea how to budget. Thanks to the course, I've paid off $15,000 in just a year and finally have a high interest savings account!"

Emily D

Parent, Mobile, AL

"I was terrified of my financial situation after my divorce. Fundamentals gave me the tools to create a budget, tackle my debt, and start saving for my children's education. I feel empowered and in control again."

David L

Entrepreneur, Reno, NV

"I always dreamed of starting my own business, but I was overwhelmed by the logistics. Launchpad gave me the roadmap and confidence to launch my local store and secure my first customers."

James S

Small Business Owner, Phoenix, AZ

"My business was struggling until I discovered Launchpad. The marketing and growth strategies helped me increase my customer base by 35% and double my revenue in just six months."

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